Immersion RC SpiroNET LZR-Mini Antenna Array

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Tired of Removing Antennas?

The ImmersionRC SpiroNET LZR-Mini antenna array is designed to fit on the front of FatShark goggles, and without removal, slide into the standard zipper case.

The twin-antenna array, when coupled with a rapidFIRE receiver provides all of the rapidFIRE multi-pathing elimination benefits at significant range.

Swappable Elements

Immersion RC SpiroNET LZR-Mini Antenna Array

The standard product ships with 2x 8dBi right hand polarized antenna elements(RHCP).

Shortly after release (June 2020), an update pack will be released with LHCP elements which simply snap into the standard product.

Linear polarized elements for Whooping ™ will follow shortly behind.

Injected Loveliness

Immersion RC SpiroNET LZR-Mini Antenna Array

No milled carbon, 3d printing, or bent aluminum in sight. The LZR Mini is a full-custom, injected plastic design, which matches the Dominator goggles perfectly.

The single M3 mounting screw allows the antenna array to swivel upwards for pilots who tend to watch their feet while flying and lie flat for zipper case storage.

rapidFIRE Integration

Immersion RC SpiroNET LZR-Mini Antenna Array

The twin RSSI bars (especially the full-width version) may be used to aim the antenna.

The latest rapidFIRE firmware augments the RSSI bars with audible feedback.  An upcoming firmware update (v1.3.0) will augment this with audible feedback, allowing a long-range pilot to keep eyes on the target, and not the OSD.


  • Frequency:  5.8GHz Band, Twin 8dBi gain
  • Beam:  ~120 degree -3dB Horiz Beam Width, 45 degree Vert
  • F/B Ratio: > 35dB
  • VSWR < 1:1.6 @ Center Freq.
  • Polarization:  Right Hand Circular Polarization (optional LHCP)
  • Mount:  FatShark Dominator Goggle Mount
  • Cables:  Two included 8GHz Coaxial cables (MMCX -> SMA)
  • 5km+ (easy) on 5.8GHz

1x LZR-Mini Injected Plastic Antenna Mount
2x MMCX to SMA cables, one long, one short
2x Installed RHCP 8dBi patch elements

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