Jumper R1+ 16 Channel SBUS Receiver

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The Jumper R1+ is a FrSky D16 compatible receiver with smart port telemetry, SBUS, and RSSI out.  Perfect for small multi-rotors and models.


  • Dimensions:  20 x 15 x 4mm
  • Weight:  <2g
  • Channels:  16 ch (SBUS)
  • Telemetry:  S.Port
  • Operating Voltage:  4-6V
  • Operating Current:  80mA@5V
  • Effective Distance:  Full distance >1.5KM
  • Compatibility:  FrSky D16 Mode
  • RSSI Output:  0-3.3V

Jumper R1+ Receiver


  • Press and hold the receiver's bind button, turn on the power, the receiver will now enter binding mode. The red light is always on and the green light is flashing slowly.
  • Turn on the radio and begin the bind procedure. After the bind is successful the red light is off and the green light is always on. 
  • Remember to power cycle the receiver and exit bind mode on radio

Note: When the receiver loses the signal, the green light is off and the red light is flashing slowly.

1x Jumper R1+ Receiver

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