Jumper R1F F-Port 16 Channel SBUS Receiver

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The Jumper R1F is a 16 Channel SBUS receiver with F-Port out which simplifies connecting a receiver to a flight controller.  F-Port combines SBUS and Smartport telemetry in a single wire.  Not only does this simplify a build, but it also saves a UART on the flight controller. Now the user can get all the telemetry data they desire, including RSSI, over the same wire their SBUS signal goes through.


  • Channels:  16 Channels (SBUS)
  • RSSI Output:  0-3.3V
  • Telemetry:  F.Port
  • Weight: <2g
  • Dimensions:  20 x 125 x 4mm
  • Operating Voltage:  4.0-6.0V
  • Operating Current:  80mA@5V
  • Effective Distance:  Full Distance >1.5km
  • Compatibility:  FrSky D16 mode


  • Press and hold the receiver's bind button, turn on power.  The green led will be on and the red led will flash indicating bind mode. 
  • Turn on radio and enter bind procedure.  After bind is successful the green led on the receiver will be off and the red led is always on.
  • Do not forget to power cycle the receiver and exit bind mode on radio

1x Jumper R1F Receiver

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