Jumper R8 16 Channel SBUS Telemetry Receiver

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A full-sized 16 channel SBUS and telemetry enabled receiver from Jumper.  Compatible with D8 and D16 modes.  It has 8 traditional channels as well as 16 channels if using SBUS.  Very versatile receiver with dual antennas and great performance.  


  • Channels:  8ch(PWM)/16ch(SBUS)
  • RSSI output:  PWM (3.3V)
  • Two-way Full Duplex Transmission
  • Operating Voltage: 4.0-8.4V
  • Operating Current:  100mA@5V
  • Effective Distance:  Full distance > 2.0km
  • Compatibility:  D16 and D8 Modes
  • Dimensions:  44 x 26 x 6 mm
  • Weight:  10g

Jumper R8 Receiver Dimensions


  1. Press and hold the receiver's bind button
  2. Power on the receiver
  3. On your radio select FRSKY D16 protocol (T12/T16: MULT FRSKY D16)
  4. Hit Bind on radio
  5. Red LED light on receiver flashes, the bind is successful
  6. Exit bind mode on radio and power off the receiver and power it back on

Note:  When the receiver loses signal, the red led light turns on.  When the receiver's signal is full, the green led is on.  When the receiver signal is unstable, the green led flashes.

1x Jumper R8 Receiver

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