Karearea TOA Turbine 2306 2550KV Motors

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The KAREAREA TOA Turbine motors might not have the lightest weight, but are made of the highest quality materials and are one of the best performing, smoothest motor out there. The TOA Turbine is not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but its design all has functions to it. A truly premium motor. 

Available in 2207 1950KV and 2306 1950KV or 2550KV.

When you make an order you MUST check the motor spin Direction CW or CCW.


  • Configuration / 12N14P
  • 1Pice Unibody outer motor bell ((7075-T6 Aero G Duralumin with High quality electrical plating)
  • Shaft / TC4 Titanium half hollow
  • Stator / Kawasaki 0.15 (0.1-0.12 Air gap)
  • Bearing / EZO 684 (4x9x4)
  • Magnet / N 55 SH (Curved Magnet)
  • Weight / 29.8g (Excluding Cable)
  • Idle current / @10v(A) 2A
  • Copper coils / Military Grade 260C* High-temp protect single wire
  • No of Cells(Lipo) / 2-6S-2550KV
  • Cable length / 20AWG-150mm

Karearea TOA Turbine 2207 1970kv motors

Karearea TOA Turbine 2306 MotorsIncludes:
1x Karearea TOA Turbine 2306 2550KV Motor

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