Matek ELRS-R24-V ExpressLRS 2.4GHz Vario Receiver

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ExpressLRS is a new control link for those looking for ultra-low latency and long-range. The Matek ELRS-R24-V is a 2.4GHz Vario receiver, perfect for those needing connectors for servos.  The small size works great in gliders and fixed-wing. 

  • Specific for the Gliders and other fixed-wings.  Small in form factor, It can be installed in gliders with restricted payload bays such as DLG’s and high-performance slopers. Not needing to install an additional altimeter/variometer also saves room and weight.

  • The built-in barometer provides vertical speed telemetry. The variometer sounds both ascending and descending tones, so you will know whether you are in lift or sink without having to look at your transmitter.

  • with ExpressLRS firmware and CRSF protocol, this will also give you other telemetry data like battery voltage, current, and GPS related.


  • ESP8285, SX1281, ExpressLRS Firmware
  • RF Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM (2400~2480MHz)
  • Antenna connector: IPEX MHF-1
  • Telemetry power: 12dbm
  • CRSF-PWM-V converter with barometer integrated
  • 7x PWM outputs (6x with power rails, PWM8 is just a signal pad)
  • PWM frequency: 50, 100, 160, 330, 400Hz configurable
  • PWM resolution: 4x 1024 position + 3x 128 position(ExpressLRS 2.0 Wide switch mode)
  • 1x UART(2) for GPS
  • 36V Max. battery voltage sense (1K:10K voltage divider built-in)
  • Compatible with external Current sensor (0~3.3V)
  • RxBt,Curr,Capa,Bat%,GPS telemetry and VSpd(Vario)
  • Rated voltage: 3.5~9V @5V pad, 0~36V @Vbat, 0~3.3V @Curr
  • Power dissipation:  50mA(binding), 90mA(wifi mode)
  • No 5V regulator built-in, Servos must be powered via 5V pad on CRSF-PWM-V board by external 5V source.
  • Failsafe value configurable
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Physical:
    • PCB Size: 27x16mm,
    • Weight: 5g w/ antenna and 2.54 pins

Wiring Diagram:

Matek ELRS-R24-V Receiver

1x Matek ELRS-R24-V 2.4GHz Receiver (Includes CRSF-PWM-V and Receiver)
1x IPEX MHF1 Antenna
2.54mm straight and 90 degrees 3x6 Dupont Pins

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