MotoLab Typhoon F4 Flight Controller + VTX Combo

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Buy the Typhoon F4 Flight Controller and VTX together.  You get both the flight controller and video transmitter in one package.  Perfect for your next build.


Typhoone F4 Flight Controller

  • 168MHz STM32F4 version of Tempest
  • 100+A PDB with motor current sensor
  • MPU6000 gyro/acc on SPI bus
  • Up to 4 serial ports plus USB
  • Up to 6 Dshot motor outputs
  • Serial inverters for SBUS and S.PORT
  • 1.5A 5V regulator with LC filtered 5V for VTX and camera
  • Plug-in connection to VTX board
  • 38x40mm board size with 30.5mm mounting hole spacing

The Typhoon F4 is compatible with Betaflight using the new MOTOLABF4 board target.

The F4 board mates directly with the VTX board with no external wiring between the two.

Typhoon F4 Flight Controller Pinout

Typhoon Video Transmitter

  • 25/200/500mW switchable, 40-ch video transmitter
  • Betaflight OSD
  • MicroSD slot for Blackbox
  • Direct plug-in connection to camera and antenna with available custom cables
  • Pass-through connector for camera joystick
  • 38x38mm board with 30.5mm mounting hole spacing
  • U.FL Antenna connector

The Typhoon VTX is a self-contained video system, operating on filtered 5V provided by the Typhoon F4. The video is isolated from the PDB motor current noise and delivers cleaner video.

The VTX board mates directly with the F4 controller board with no external wiring between the two.

Note: The VTX board is not powered from the USB input. The board should NOT be powered from lipo without an antenna connected.

U.FL to SMA Antenna Pigtail available here

1x MotoLab Typhoon F4 Flight Controller
1x MotoLab Typhoon VTX

Latest MotoLab Typhoon info here

MotoLab Typhoon F4 Flight Controller
MotoLab Typhoon VTX



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