Radiomaster R86C V2 6Ch FrSky D8/D16 and Futaba SFHSS 2.4GHz Receiver

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Due to demand, Radiomaster has renewed its line of receivers to version 2.  The R86C V2 is FrSky D8 / D16 and Futaba SFHSS compatible with 6 channels and is suitable for a range of drones and RC modelers.

Radiomaster V2 Receivers


  • Item: R86C V2 Receiver
  • Channels: 6 channels (PWM), 8 channels (SBUS)
  • Frequency range: 2400-2483.5Mhz
  • Power input range: 4.5-6V
  • Signal format: D8, D16 & SFHSS Compatible
  • Output format: PWM / Sbus
  • Range: more than 1km
  • Antenna length: 15 cm
  • Size: 45x21.2x12.7mm
  • Weight: 8 grams

Radiomaster R86C 2.4GHz Receiver
Radiomaster R86C 2.4GHz Receiver
1x Radiomaster R86C V2 FrSky 6Ch D8/D16 and Futaba SFHSS 2.4GHz Receiver

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