Speedy Bee 5.8GHz Goggle Receiver Module

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Experience a whole new level of FPV flying with the Speedy Bee 5.8GHz Goggle Receiver Module. Its dual built-in receivers and fusion technology ensure superior image clarity and stability. Compatible with most goggles, it offers 6 frequency bands and 48 channels for ultimate versatility.


  • Operating Voltage:  5V
  • Operating Current:  450mA@5V
  • Working Frequency:  Supports A, B, E, F, R, L bands with 48 channels from 5.3GHz~5.9GHz
  • Dimensions:  51x34x17.8mm
  • Weight:  32.8g
  • Supported Goggles
    • Fatshark Dominator Series - V1, V2, V3, SE, HD1, HD2, HD3, HDO, HDO2
    • Orqa - Currently not compatible with factory housing. 3D-printed housing is available for FPV.One, FPV.One Pilot, and FPV.One Race
    • HDZero - Supports HDZero FPV Goggles analog conversion module
    • DJI - Supports DJI V1, V2 Goggles (an adapter board needs to be purchased separately when using DJI Goggles)

Speedy Bee 5.8GHz Goggle Receiver Module

1x Speedy Bee 5.8GHz Goggle Receiver Module


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