Speedy Bee F405 V4 60A BLHeli_S 30x30 Stack

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The Speedy Bee F405 V4 60A BLHeli_S 30x30 Flight Controller and ESC Stack include all the features a user would expect from a modern flight controller and ESC stack at an incredible price. The flight controller features the STM32F405 MCU, onboard 4-level battery life indicator, Micro-SD card slot for Blackbox logging, 4 groups of LED strip pads, DJI plug for digital quads, dual gyroscope power supply filtering, dual 5V & 9V BECs with up to 3A output, barometer, support for up to 8 motors, and built-in Bluetooth and WiFi for wireless configuration through the SpeedyBee App. The 60A 4-In-1 ESC now comes in an aluminum alloy heat sink for better heat dissipation and durability, features a built-in TVS protective diode, Japan-made TDK SMT capacitors, and even comes with a low ESR 1000uF capacitor.

Speedybee F405 V4 60A Stack

Speedy Bee F405 V4 Stack

Speedy Bee F405 V4 BLHeli_S 30x30 Stack

Speedybee F405 V4 Stack

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