Strix StratoSurfer Kit

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Introducing the STRIX StratoSurfer! This awesome aircraft is intended to be a short to medium-range and fun to fly FPV platform. The StratoSurfer is based on the original dimensions of the Sky Surfer, but with tons of upgrades! 

Room for the kitchen sink. One of the best features of the StratoSurfer is the blow-molded fuselage. It offers tons of room for your accessories, all while being more durable than traditional foam fuselages. High viz orange makes it easy to spot in the sky to keep orientation. Another cool feature of the blow-molded fuselage is grass and snow take-offs without landing gear! In the right conditions, touch and go's are a blast with this aircraft. 

Flap your wings! One feature we always wanted in the original surfer was flaps in the wings without having to modify and cut into the plane. The StratoSurfer's wings come pre-molded for flaps. While not completely necessary for normal flight, they are lots of fun to experiment with when set up as either flap or spoiler modes and can definitely help land heavily loaded cargo. (Hardware not included)

Access Hatch. The StratoSurfer's blow-molded fuselage doesn't just allow for more room in the nose, it also opens up the tail. In traditional aircraft, routing wires after building can be a total PITA. To help you access the rear of the plane we have included a removable access hatch. Simply remove one of the 2 screws and you can fit items as large as transmitters or a GPS unit through the body. 

Huge control surfaces! While still not a "3D Acro" aircraft, the control surfaces have been enlarged and are now much more responsive. The rudder is almost double the size of the original. To help eliminate flexing, the ailerons have been equipped with an additional CF spar. 

More chord. The StratoSurfer's wing chord (width from leading to trailing edge) is about 20mm greater than the original. What this means is more wing area, less wing loading, and more lift for your components!


  • Simple to build and easy to fly!
  • Extra carbon fiber wing and tail reinforcement
  • Rear access hatch
  • Large control surfaces
  • Optional, molded flaps
  • Easily removable motor
  • Durable, blow-molded fuselage
  • Designed for use with multiple cameras


  • Wingspan: 1500mm, 59"
  • Length: 1000mm, 39"
  • Battery: 2700 - 8000 3s (Depending on other weight from cameras and equipment)
  • Foam: EPO
  • Max propeller size: 6"
  • Motor Mount: 16x19mm hole configuration

    Recommended Equipment

    • Battery: 2700-8000mAh 3s
    • Servos: 9g-12g
    • Motor: 2212 2200kv-2450kv
    • ESC: 30-40A
    • Propeller: APC 6x4 E
    • Optional Flap Kit

    Mark Qvale's StratoSurfer Page. Lot's of 3d printable upgrades and parts!!

    StratoSurfer 3D printed canopy on Thingiverse by tfmccull

    Flite Test Review and Video

    1x Strix StratoSurfer Kit
    1x Hardware Set
    1x Decal Sheet

    Note:  Does not include any electronics (some are shown in pictures for demonstration)

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