Sub250 1S 530mAh 90C Battery For Whoopfly16 6pcs

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The Sub250 1S 530mAh 90C Batteries for Whoopfly16 are high-voltage lithium batteries that provide unrivaled performance, with a high discharge rate of 90C, and a capacity of 530mAh. Optimized for quick drone flight, these batteries are perfect for Whoopfly16 and similar-sized drones, offering reliable power and extended flight time.


  • Brand: Sub250
  • Name:Sub250 1S 530mAh 90C
  • Model Number: Sub5301S90HV0
  • Capacity: 530mAh
  • Configuration:1S1P
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.8V
  • Type: LIHV
  • Watt: 2.01WH
  • Dimension:60*17*6.5(mm)
  • Weight: 12.9g
  • Max cont, discharge(C-rate/current): 90C
  • Charge Connector: GNB27
  • Discharge Connector: GNB27
  • Recommended charging current: 1C
  • Maximum charging current:3C
  • Application: Toys, Boats, Quadcopters

6x Sub250 1S 530mAh 90C Batteries

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