TBS Mr Steele 2306 2345KV Silk Motors

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** Discontinued - New Version Here **

Mr Steele ( Steele Davis ) of Rotor Riot fame in conjunction with Team-Blacksheep has designed a motor that is a paradigm shift in the industry.  Power, but not at the expense of your battery. Torque, but without sacrifice to smoothness. Hand wound, because they're proud of their trade. White, to show off how unique this motor is. The Mr.Steele motor by TBS!

The TBS Mr. Steele Motor breaks a trend in motor manufacturing.  No longer do you have to sacrifice batteries to squeeze just a tiny bit more power out of your setup. No longer will mythical magic magnets suddenly make your multirotor a rocket ship.  No longer will the chase of pipe dream weight requirements sacrifice reliability and smoothness in flight.

These motors were made to match the flying style and requirements of one of the most popular miniquad FPV pilots, and RotorRiot host, Mr.Steele! It's a motor built for longevity, consistency and silky smooth feel. 

TBS started out with a couple of corner-stones in motor properties. High kV, low kV. Big stator, small stator. Varying stator laminations, winding techniques and copper diameters. They analyzed the results on a thrust test stand next to all reputable motors, and matched them to the requirements of Mr.Steele's reference motors. The motors found to be the closest match to his requirements were produced, in 2 different styles and sent to Mr.Steele for testing. After running each of them for a few days, Steele sent feedback, and corrections were made, and samples were re-produced. After a total of 5 iterations and over 100 motors sent, the ideal candidate was finally  isolated. But the quest was not done!

Next, work on the look and finish had to be made. To produce a white motor, all tolerances were re-calculated. Each and every detail of the motor, down to the C-clip, was investigated, refined and tested. After almost 4 months of ups and downs, today Team-Blacksheep and Mr. Steel are able to release and stand behind what they believe is a motor that will cause a paradigm shift for this industry.

  • Stator size: 2306
  • kV rating: 2345kV
  • Weight: 28.5g
  • Color: white
  • Windings: by hand
  • Awesomness factor: over 9000
  • Stator lamination: None of your business

1x TBS Mr Steele 2345kv motor
4x Mounting screws M3x6.5
1x Aluminum Low-Profile Prop nut


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