TrueRC Bardpole 915 MHz Crossfire Antenna

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This antenna is the collaboration between TrueRC and BARD. It is a planar bazooka dipole antenna for TBS Crossfire receiver or other 915MHz systems. This end fed dipole is designed to get the most range out of your control link.

The U.FL version is a durable and flexible planar bazooka dipole antenna with 11cm of low-loss cable for the bigger long-range build, while the SMA version has a direct SMA on the end.

The antenna uses a thin, flexible, and durable PCB. Crashing inverted? No problem, the antenna will flex out of the way.

The bottom 2cm is inert and can be used for mounting from the base allowing maximum exposure of the antenna. 

  • Gain: 2.2dbic
  • Bandwidth: 890MHz-925MHz
  • Weight: U.fl 6.3g, SMA 9.3g
  • Dimensions: 
    • U.fl:  162mm x 7mm 
    • SMA:  275mm x 7mm
  • Connector: U.fl or SMA

1x TrueRC Bardpole 915 MHz Crossfire Antenna

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