VAS Crosshair XTreme 1.3GHz RHCP Antenna (SMA)

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** Discontinued - New Version Here **

FPV’s favorite “patch killer” antenna has a new upgraded element.  The patent-pending vector-phasing technology of the Crosshair Xtreme gives both longer range and better signal clarity.  Increased gain, beamwidth, and bandwidth are improvements designed into this long-range/obstacle penetrating directional antenna.


  • Frequency: 1.3GHz
  • Gain: 10.25dbic
  • Axial Ratio: .99
  • Beam Width: 120 degrees
  • -3db point: +/- 30 degrees
  • Connector: SMA
  • Polarization: RHCP

1x VAS Crosshair XTreme 1.3GHz RHCP Antenna (SMA)
1x Finger Wrench

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