VAS Sky Hammer 5.8GHz Antenna RHCP 90 Degree

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Long-range and 360 degrees of coverage in one, the Sky Hammer is a true long-range Omni-directional antenna! Designed by IBCrazy, the Sky Hammer utilizes a pair of Patented high-performance Minion Pro antennas precisely phased and impedance matched to achieve 5.25dbic of gain and 360 degrees of coverage. The stacking and phasing take the unused vertical coverage of a single antenna and pushes it outward along the horizon right where you need it. While typically considered to be a receiver antenna, the Sky Hammer can be mounted on a long-range quad for exploring places where other antennas simply cannot reach. When using the Skyhammer on a VTX be sure to watch bank angles or you could point the null of the antenna directly at your receiver causing loss of signal. 


  • Gain:  5.25dbic
  • Axial Ratio:  0.94 (measured)
  • Horizontal coverage:  360 degrees
  • Vertical coverage:  +/- 20 degrees
  • Bandwidth:  5400-6100 MHz

1x VAS Sky Hammer 5.8GHz Antenna RHCP 90 Degree

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