HGLRC Thor 1S 6 Port Charger V2

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  • The input terminal supports PD3.0/QC3.0/BC1.2 fast charging protocol, optional 65w high-power super fast charging adapter
  • Supports lithium batteries with multiple interfaces PH2.0 & MX2.0 & A30 & BT2.0 plugs
  • Can quickly charge 6 ports batteries at the same time, with a maximum charging current of 800mah-1A
  • Supports ordinary 4.2V lithium batteries and 4.35V LIHV lithium batteries, charging voltage switching (switch switching)
  • Built-in heat sink and cooling fan to improve usage efficiency


  • Input interface: Type C
  • Input voltage: PD3.0 Type C 12V
  • Input power: Max 65W
  • Battery type: LiPo/LiHv
  • Maximum current of single-channel charging: (800ma-1A)
  • Support charging interface: PH2.0 & MX2.0 & A30 & BT2.0
  • Charging cut-off voltage: low voltage lithium battery 4.20V (±0.5V) & high voltage Lithium battery 4.35V (±0.5V)
  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 68mm x 48mm x 22mm
  • Weight: 51.14g
HGLRC Thor 1S 6 Port Charger V2

1x HGLRC Thor 1S 6 Port Charger V2
1x Instruction Card
1x Logo Sticker
1x HGLRC-PD3.0 Power Adapter (65W Charging head + 1 meter double C fast charging cable)

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