Pyrodrone CNC Machined Folding Hall Gimbal Set for TBS Tango 2 and Mambo V1.1

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The new and improved V1.1 is here!!!

V1.1 Changelog:
-Secure magnet placement
-No rotational stick play

Introducing the Pyrodrone CNC Machined Folding Hall Gimbal Set for TBS Tango II & Mambo radios!

Extensive research and testing have gone into making sure that these are hands down the BEST gimbals on the market for these radios. PD-CNCG gimbals are fully CNC milled for ultimate precision, combined with quad-ball bearings for a smooth and precise feel. You can even use the accessible tension and travel adjustment for easy fine-tuning to your specific stick-feel liking, and take advantage of the folding sticks for easy and convenient storage and transport

Whether you want to breathe new life into your old radio or upgrade your new one, the PD-CNCG will without a doubt take your Tango II or Mambo to the next level!

Pyrodrone CNC Machined Gimbal Set


  • Designed specifically for the TBS Tango II and Mambo Radios
  • Licensed By Team Blacksheep
  • CNC Aviation-Grade Aluminum
  • Folding Sticks
  • Non-Contact Hall Sensors
  • Quad Precision Bearings
  • Stick Travel Adjustment
  • Sticky360 Stick Ends


  • Input Voltage: DC 3.3V
  • Adjustable travel range: 38°- 54°
  • Temperature range: -20°c-85°c
  • Linearity: Real-time (No delay)
  • Adjustable Tension: Yes
  • Quad Bearing: Yes
  • Sensor Type: Hall
  • Dimensions: 49x42x48mm
  • Weight: 42g

Pyrodrone CNC Machined Gimbals for Tango 2 and Mambo
Pyrodrone CNC Machined Gimbal for Tango 2 and Mambo
2x Pyrodrone PD-CNCG Hall Gimbal Set For TBS Tango II & Mambo V1.1
2x Hex tool
8x Installation screw
1x Instruction Manual

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