WH-DL1-7S LED Battery Level Indicator

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WH-DL1-7S LED Battery Level Indicator
This little board provides led lights which indicate the charge status of your battery.  It is very similar to the ones on your Fatshark 1800mAh goggle batteries.  They work great at giving you instant feedback - no need to plug in cumbersome battery indicators or other tools.  Perfect add-on for those using Lithium Ion packs to power their fpv goggles.


  • Instantly displays battery state of charge (SOC) in five levels - (0%/25%/50%/75%/100%)
  • Dedicated power status indicator
  • Press button to display state of charge
  • Dimensions:  40 x 3 x 13 mm (DxHxW)
  • Weight:  1.5g

Status vs battery voltage range:

  • 4-LED: 100% / 4.1V-4.4V
  • 3-LED: 75% / 3.9V-4.0V
  • 2-LED: 50% /3.7V-3.8V
  • 1-LED: 25% / 3.3V-3.6V
  • 0-LED (all off): < 3.3V

1x WH-DL1-7S LED Battery Level Indicator

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