iFlight Blitz F7 Flight Controller V1.1

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iFlight's Blitz line of electronics features improved circuit designs, better components, and lower electrical noise. This results in better performance, durability, and reliability. These are fantastic parts for any build.

The Blitz F7 Flight Controller is made for easy installation.  With plugs for video transmitters, receivers, and other peripherals, this FC is simply a joy to work with.  Naturally, you are also able to direct solder if that is your preference.  With a powerful STM32F722 MCU, BMI270 gyro, and even a built-in LC filter for clean video, iFlight makes it easy to decide on this flight controller.


  • Improved circuit design, better components and lower electrical noise!
  • DJI HD VTX Connector (Plug-and-Play / No soldering required)
  • FC indicator LEDs for visual debugging
  • With LC filter


  • MCU: STM32 F722
  • Gyro: BMI270
  • Barometer: DPS310
  • OSD Chip: AT7456E
  • Flash: 32MB (Blackbox flash)
  • UARTS: 6
  • Motor outputs: 4x (SH1.0 connector)
  • I2C serial: SDA / SLA pads
  • Smartaudio / IRC Tramp VTX protocol supported
  • LED controller: Yes
  • Beeper pad: Yes
  • Firmware target: IFRC-IFLIGHT_BLITZ_F722
  • Mount pattern: 30.5*30.5mm / 4mm PCB hole diameter
  • Dimensions: 36.5*35 mm
  • Weight: 7.8g
  • BEC:  5V 2.5A / 9V 2A

Wiring Suggestions:

  • UART 1 for VTX HD / Analog
  • UART 2 for a Receiver
  • UART 3/4/5 for GPS or other sensors that require a serial port
  • UART 6 for ESC Telemetry


  1. F722 MCU has an inner inverter.
  2. SBUS、CRSF、ELRS、IBUS、DSM ETC... can be connected to any unused UART_RX, we suggest you connect to Uart_RX2
  3. Frsky SmartPort, Tramp & Smartaudio can be connected to any unused UART_TX, we suggest you connect to Uart_TX1
  4. F.port can be connected to any unused UART_TX, we suggest you connect to Uart_TX2

1x iFlight Blitz F7 Flight Controller V1.1
8x Silicon Grommets
1x SH1.0 - 5pin connector for HD VTX/Analog VTX&CAM (R1/T1/G/9V/VO)
1x SH1.0 - 10pin connector for ESC (R6/CUR/M4/M3/M2/M1/BAT/BAT/G/G)
1x SH1.0 - 6pin connector for any receiver or DJI(3V3/R2i/5V/G/R2/T2)
1x SH1.0 - 4Pin connector GPS (T4/R4/G/5V)
1x SH1.0 - 4Pin connector LED & Beeper (5V/G/VI/NC)

Download Wiring Diagram

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