Ethix Konasty Moon Boot V2 2507 2200KV Motors

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The Moon Boot V2 motor delivers the same smoothness, quality, and efficiency as the original but with added power when you need it on the high end and control when you need it most on the low end. All this is gained with a larger stator size and two KV options to choose from. Whether freestyle, long-range, or cinematic, this motor can do it all.


  • Stator Size (Diameter): 25mm*7mm
  • Kv: 2200kv
  • Magnets: N52SH Curved
  • Windings: 8turn DLRK
  • Shaft Length (mm): 11.5mm
  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 4mm
  • Shaft material: Steel
  • Bearing: NSK684
  • Weight (With Wires) (g): 41g
  • Cells (Lipo): 6S
  • Max Current (A): 45A
  • Max Burst Current (A): 60A
  • Internal Resistance (Rm): 64mΩ
  • Wire Spec (AWG): 20#
  • Base Mounting Pattern: 16x16mm
  • Base Mounting Thread: M3 Thread
  • Motor Overall Dimensions: φ31.8mm*19.3mm

1x Ethix Konasty Moon Boot V2 2507 2200KV Motors

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