Ethix Mr Steele Silk V5 Pink 2307 1750KV Motors

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Introducing the Mr. Steele V5 Silk 2307 (1750KV) 6S (5”-5.5” prop) FPV freestyle motor.

The V5 features an increased stator size and a redesigned motor bell setup for more durability. This new iteration of my trusted power train formula follows a lightweight ethos with increased power and torque where it counts. Attaining a high power-to-weight ratio cannot overstate when building a high-performance aircraft. The V5 Silk adds confidence with even heavier HD cameras.

Thank you for your support and take pride in knowing that you are the reason I am able to keep evolving in this amazing space we call the FPV community.


  • Increased stator size 2307
  • Base redesign 16x16(only) mounting holes (new structural changes for more durability)
  • Complete bell redesigned (durability and smoothness in mind)
  • Thick single-strand copper winding 
  • Increased EFFICIENCY & POWER 
  • Complete Interchangeable motor pants redesign (thicker & more crash/low temperature resistant, better gap fitment, + more protection coverage for the “tall pants”)
  • Better assembly tolerances 
  • Overall QC improvements
  • 9mm steel bearings  
  • Eco-Friendly packaging 
  • Motor weight 33.8g (full-length cables) compared to Stout V1 at 31.5g 
  • Pants Weight - Low - 1g vs (0.8 v3) | Tall - 2g vs (1.8 v3)

 All in all this motor is an absolute gem, only a tad over 1g heavier than the previous model while achieving more power, efficiency, and most importantly durability.

Enjoy & Thank you for your continued support.  

- Mr. Steele


  • Stator Size (diameter):  23mm*7mm
  • KV:  1750KV
  • Magnets:  52SH Curved
  • Windings:  13 turn DLRK
  • Shaft Length (mm):  11.5mm
  • Shaft Diameter (mm):  4mm
  • Shaft Material:  Steel
  • Bearing:  NMB684
  • Weight (With Wires):  36.5g
  • Cells (LiPo):  6S
  • Max Current:  45A
  • Max Burst Current:  60A
  • Internal Resistance (Rm):  64mΩ
  • Wire Spec (AWG):  20#-135mm
  • Base Mounting Pattern:  16x16mm
  • Base Mounting Thread:  M3 Thread
  • Motor Overall Dimensions:  φ28.6mm*18.2mm

1x Ethix Mr Steele Silk V5 Pink 2307 1750KV Motors

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