EMax Aeris Link ExpressLRS Control System

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The EMax Aeris Link ExpressLRS Control System is the perfect choice for any FPV enthusiast. Featuring both 2.4GHz and 915MHz versions, the system provides long-range communication and ultra-low latency for guaranteed superior performance. Its full-size and nano-size modules offer maximum versatility, making this revolutionary control system the ideal choice.

Experience solid link and ultra-long range with the Aeris Link ELRS system. The 915MHz version goes up to 2000mW, while the 2.4GHz version goes up to 1000mW. Expect limitless potential in your RC and FPV adventures!


  • Module Size:  Nano and Full-Size JR Bay
  • Operating Voltage:  5-12V
  • Operating Frequency:  2.4GHz ISM / 915 MHz FCC
  • USB:  Type-C
  • External Power:  XT30 5-21V (2-5S)
  • Output Power:  2.4GHz Max - 1000mW / 915MHz Max - 2000mW
  • OLED Screen Size:  1.29 Inch (Full-size version only)
  • Antenna:  Moxon / RP-SMA connection

EMax Aeris Link ExpressLRS Modules

1x EMax Aeris Link ExpressLRS Control System

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