Axisflying Manta 5" True-X Freestyle FPV Frame

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Axisflying's Manta 5" True-X Freestyle FPV Frame is fantastic for those looking for a premium option with great features and quality. This isn't just a few carbon plates cut and bolted together. There are many customized touches, including 7075 standoffs, aluminum camera cage, and a unique aluminum base that locks in the arms, allowing for more durability, stability, and easier swaps. This frame supports both 20x20 and 30x30 stacks and is made from high-quality T700 carbon fiber and aluminum.

Works perfectly with the Axisflying iStack F7 + 50A 4-In-1 ESC stack.

Axisflying Manta Frame
Axisflying Manta
Axisflying Manta
Axisflying Manta 5" Frame
Axisflying Manta 5" FPV Frame
Axisflying Manta Frame Specifications
Axisflying Manta 5" Premium Frame3D Printed Parts

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