Diatone Mamba MK4 F722 Mini F55_128K Mini ESC Flight Controller Stack

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** Discontinued - New Version Here **

Diatone's Mamba MK4 (fourth generation) stack is a redesign of its already fantastic line of flight controllers and ESCs. Improvements include making the products easier to use by increasing soldering pad sizes by 30%, pad spacing by 100%, adding USB-C, additional UARTS and I2C, better filtered BEC, ESC support for 128K PWM, WiFi config through the Speedy Bee App, and more.

What's New?

A completely different pad style has been redesigned to increase pad area by 30% and pad spacing by 100%, reducing solder errors and associated failures.

  • The pad area increased by 30%
  • Pad spacing increased by 100%
  • MP9943 synchronous rectifier BEC
  • MINI series upgrade DJI interface and 5v 15W/9V 18W 2 set BEC
  • USB Type C
  • 6 Set UART and I2C
  • 4 Set Power Protection
  • 32Bit ESC all support 128K
  • Mini series FC uses 2mm and 3mm mounting holes, special dampening ring
  • Upgrade the twisted pair anti-jamming cable and reinforcement process



  • MCU: STM32F722
  • Frequency: 216MHz
  • Gyro: Gyro ICM42688P
  • Barometer: SPL06
  • OSD: AT 7456E
  • Blackbox: 16M Memory
  • Barometer: Yes
  • UARTS: 6 Sets
  • I2C: Yes
  • F.Port: Yes
  • Buzzer: Yes
  • Current: Yes
  • ESC Signal: 8 Sets
  • BEC 3.3V: 0.5A
  • BEC 5V: 2.5A
  • BEC 9V: 2A
  • MB LED: Yes
  • BF LED: Yes
  • Air Unit Port: Yes
  • VTX Switch: Yes
  • BEC Protection: Yes
  • Receiver Protection: Yes
  • TVS Protection: Yes
  • Input: 6S LiPo
  • Firmware: Betaflight
  • Mounting: 20.0x20.0mm,M3/M2
  • Size: 29.0x29.5x6.5mm
  • Weight: 6.0g

F55_128K BL32 MINI 4-IN-1 ESC

  • Input Voltage:  3~6S LiPo (12.6V ~ 25.2V)
  • Continuous Current:  55Ax4
  • Burst Current:  65A (10S)
  • BEC:  No
  • Target:  BLHeli_32 MAMBA F55_128K MINI
  • SOFT:  DShot300/600/1200
  • PWM:  24~128K
  • TVS Protection:  Yes
  • Mounting Size:  20x20mm, M2/M3
  • Dimensions:  43.5x31.0x6.0mm

Diatone Mamba MK4 Mini
Diatone Mamba MK4 Mini
Diatone Mamba MK4 Mini
1x Diatone Mamba MK4 F722 Mini Flight Controller
1x Diatone Mamba F55_128K BL32 Mini 4-In-1 55A ESC
5x M2 Silicone Grommets
5x M3 Silicone Grommets
5x M2 ESC Isolation Columns
5x M3 ESC Isolation Columns
1x 8 Pin single-ended cable for flight controller
2x 8 Pin Cable
1x 6 Pin Air Unit Cable
1x XT60

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