Ethix Flat Rats V2 1507 2800KV Motors

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With a new unibell design, Ethix Flat Rat V2 motors add a little more power and flair compared to version 1. Realizing that flight times needed to be increased, especially with the weight of newer HD camera options getting bigger, designers decided to go with a higher KV winding to increase the thrust but still keep the motor as smooth as possible.  This allowed the motors to operate buttery smooth so users can get the type of cinematic footage they desire on 3" cine frames.  Having more power provides better control and stability in small frames.

6s capable


  • Stator Size (Diameter): φ15mmx7φ15mmx7
  • Kv: 2800
  • Magnets N52SH: Curved
  • Windings: 13.5 turn DLRK
  • Shaft Length (mm): 12.5mm 12.5mm
  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 2mm
  • Shaft material: steel
  • Bearing: 4*2*2.5
  • Weight (With Wires) (g): 15.8g
  • Cells (Lipo): 6S Max
  • Current (A): 15A
  • Max Burst Current (A): 20A
  • Internal Resistance (Rm): 0.23mΩ
  • Wire Spec (AWG): AWG 24#
  • Base Mounting Pattern: 12x12mm
  • Base Mounting Thread: M2 Thread
  • Motor Overall Dimensions: φ19.8mmx17.5mm

1x Ethix Flat Rats V2 1507 2800KV Motor

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