Foxeer Aura T700 7" Long-Range Frame Kit

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** Discontinued - New Version Here **

Foxeer's line of Aura frame kits has been a big hit.  The Aura 7" long-range frame is perfect for FPV pilots looking for a frame that can hold more gear and fly further.  Made from Toray T700 carbon fiber with a silky coating for that premium feel.  With high-quality hardware and chamfered edges, this is a high-quality frame at an amazing price.  


  • Material:  Toray T700 Carbon with Silky Coating
  • Wheelbase:  300mm
  • Mounting Hole:  30*30mm for stack; 20x20/30.5x30.5mm at tail
  • Camera Size:  19*19/20*20mm
  • System:  Analog/Vista/DJI/HDZero
  • Weight:  183.5g(excludes TPU Kit)
  • Arm:  5.5mm
  • Top Plate:  2.5mm
  • Bottom Plate:  2.5mm

Forxeer Aura 7" Frame Kit
Foxeer Aura 7" Frame Kit

4x Arms
1x Top Plate
1x Bottom Plate
1x X-Reinforcement Plate
8x Aluminum Column M3*Φ5.5*30
4x Aluminum Column M3*30
1x TPU Cam Mount
1x TPU VTX & SMA Antenna Mount
4x TPU Arm Guard/Motor Mount
1x TPU DJI GPS Mount
1x TPU 915 Antenna Mount
1x TPU GPS Mount
1x TPU GoPro Mount
1x TPU Bottom Plate Front Protective Mount
1x M3 Screw Pack
12x M3 Nut
1x M5 Nut
1x M5*20 Screw
4x Motor Wire Protector
1x Battery Anti-slip Mat
2x 250*20mm Battery Strap

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