Foxeer Datura 2306.5 1850KV Motors

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The Datura 2306.5 motors exemplify the company's commitment to all things FPV.  These motors perform amazingly well and should be another popular line of products from Foxeer.


  • Input Voltage:   4~6S
  • Configuration:  12N14P
  • Internal Resistance:  50Ω
  • Idle Current:  1.1A
  • Dimensions:  28.9x30.2mm
  • Stator Dimensions:  23x6.5mm
  • Shaft Diameter:  5mm
  • Mounting:  16x16mm
  • Weight:  32g (including wires)

Foxeer Datura Motors
Foxeer Datura 2306.5 1850KV MotorsIncludes:
1x Foxeer Datura 2306.5 1850KV Motors

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