Foxeer Foxwhoop 25 Frame Kit

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The Foxeer Foxwhoop 25 Frame Kit includes all the carbon and plastic parts you need to build one yourself.  This whoop-style frame is incredibly strong and will take a beating like no other.  The structural design of the frame and prop guards make this almost unbreakable.  

The frame fits analog, Vista, and HDZero electronics.


  • Material:  Toray T700 Carbon with silky coating
  • Wheelbase:  104mm
  • Mounting hole:  20x20/25.5x25.5 M2
  • Camera Size:  14x14/19x19mm
  • Motor Mount:  9mm
  • System Supported:  Analog Cam/Vista/HDZero
  • Weight:  Gross Weight 54g(including all parts)

Foxeer Foxwhoop25 Frame Kit

1x Foxeer Foxwhoop 25 Frame Kit

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