Fullspeed RC Lucky Box Buzzer

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The Fullspeed RC Lucky Box Buzzer is a self powered, fully automatic acoustic & light alarm for your miniquad or any other kind of aircraft that could suffer from battery ejection after a crash. After the main battery is accidentally disconnected, it will activate the 90dB alarm and a bright LED.  Its small weight and size means it can be installed in just about any craft.


  • Brand:  FullSpeed
  • Item name:  Lucky Box Beeper
  • Input Voltage:  5V
  • Battery:  60mAh
  • Volume:  90db
  • Weight:  2.3g
  • Size:15.5x13.5x10.5 mm

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Fullspeed RC Lucky Box Buzzer

1x Fullspeed RC Lucky BoxBuzzer

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