HeeWing T2 Cruza Dual Motor 1.2M PNP FPV Plane Kit

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The Heewing T2 Cruza FPV RC Plane delivers an exceptional flying experience! With its impressive 1200mm wingspan and dual motor EPP wing, it boasts a fully modular design that facilitates effortless disassembly and assembly, making it a breeze to transport. On the inside, it offers generous room for electronics and includes quick release with even more pins for added customization options.

This PNP kit includes a mostly pre-built T2 Cruza, which includes the motors, ESC, and servos.  Add your own FPV system and receiver and you're ready to own the air.


  • Fully modular for quick assembly and disassembly, ease of transportation
  • Implementation of Quick-Release All Moving Rudder (easily detachable, just a press of a button or click)
  • Quick-release Elevator
  • Quick-release Tail boom (built-in connector)
  • Newly designed quick release for Main Wing
  • Twin Main Spar
  • Main Body Electronics Deck (helps with fuselage integrity)
  • Electronics Bay in the Main Wing (for RX or VTX)
  • Removable Front Nose with fan mounting spot for VTX cooling
  • Build-in Flaps
  • Mount for Landing gear and Float (optional, NOT included)


  • Wingspan: 1200mm
  • Length: 1090mm
  • Motor: 2216
  • ESC : 6S 25A BLS
  • Propeller:  8 inch
  • Servo: GDW 031MG
  • Material: EPP
  • Recommended take-off weight: 1.5 to 2.5kg
  • Recommended battery size: LiPo 6S 2000mAh - 20,000mAh ~
  • Package size: 620 x 420 x 240mm

Heewing T2 Cruza Dual Motor Fixed Wing

Heewing T2 Cruza Dual Motor Fixed Wing

Heewing T2 Cruza 1.2M PNP Plane Kit

Associated Products:

1x HeeWing T2 Cruza Dual Motor 1.2M PNP FPV Plane Kit
2x 2216 Motor
2x Propeller
2x 6S 25A BLHeli_S ESC
4x GDW 031MG Digital Servo

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