Impulse RC Apex FPV Frame

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The Apex shatters the glass ceiling in frame design.

Through a process of continuous refinement and always striving to improve Impulse RC has created a new breed of freestyle frame. The Apex does not compromise in stiffness or durability, so you never have to choose between confidence and performance.

Unique design elements new to the FPV world make your build and maintenance more simple than ever before. Toughness of the frame itself is increased while also offering much better protection for your investment in-flight electronics.

This is what you have been waiting for!

Innovations include durable, high-quality abrasion-resistant glass-filled nylon molded parts by HQ Prop (skids, bumpers, antenna mounts), unique arm design allowing for more strength and simple maintenance - arms can be decoupled from frame with just 2 bolts and will not disturb electronic stack.  Please see Apex page at Impulse RC for even more features and details.

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  • Arms: 5.5mm
  • Key: 5mm
  • Lower Main: 2.5mm
  • Upper Main: 2mm
  • Top: 2mm
  • Camera Sides: 2mm


  • Front: 28mm
  • Rear: 20mm


  • Alu hardware: approx. 115g
  • Steel hardware: approx. 125g


  • 225mm - Fits 5.2" Props


  • Compressed X using Pythagorean triple 3:4:5

1x Impulse RC Apex Frame Kit with Black Plastic

Impulse RC Apex Optional Accessories:

Apex OSD Board
Apex Regulator Board
Apex OSD Wire Harness - KISS
Apex RGB LED Strips

Apex Build Manual


The Apex frames come with a full 2-year warranty on all carbon and metal parts.

Using advanced image recognition and statistical analysis ImpulseRC has simplified the warranty process to the point that most claims will be self-service and instantly approved.

Each Apex frame will be shipped with a warranty card which includes the globally unique serial number for that frame. In most cases, this will remove any need to provide proof of purchase when registering your warranty. Once a frame is registered, claims for that model in the future will be quick and painless.

ImpulseRC stands behind their products and they want to give you the peace of mind to know you are covered, no matter how hard you push your flying.

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