Impulse RC ApexDC 5" FPV Frame Mr Steele Edition

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** Discontinued - New Version Here **

It is always exciting when Impulse RC releases a new frame.  Designed in collaboration with Mr. Steele, the ApexDC brings improvements to the classic 'dead cat' geometry for freestyle, videography, and mid-range exploration.

Impulse RC ApexDC FPV Frame



The ApexDC is a variation on the typical 'dead cat' frame which we have modified to keep the front and rear motors aligned, allowing us to maintain the much loved compressed-x geometry in the motor layout.

This ensures the frame remains balanced and flight characteristics are not compromised, unlike the classic 'dead cat' design which moves the rear motors closer to the body and severely impacts handling.Impulse RC ApexDC

By modifying only the upper and lower main plates we retained full compatibility with regular Apex arms, using standard 5" arms at the front and standard 6" arms at the back.

There are no props in view of DJI HD flight cameras and for slower cinematic flying it's now possible to run GoPro angles lower than ever before.

For quick angle changes, while filming, not many mounts can beat the standard GoPro tab and slot design. However, the stock GoPro bolt leaves a lot to be desired for FPV use.
Impulse RC ApexDC Mr Steele Edition GoPro Mount
Included with the Mr. Steele version of the ApexDC is not only a 3D printed mount but also a new custom-designed bolt, specifically for FPV use.

Our new bolt is machined from aluminum for substantial weight savings and has an 8mm hex on the outside, along with an internal 2.5mm hex broach.

Make quick changes to your GoPro angle using either the standard hex driver for M3 bolts or the prop tool for M5 nuts, which you already have with you in your flight bag.
Impulse RC ApexDC Mr Steele Edition Bolt

A major drawback of the Caddx Vista system is that the body of the unit is grounded, this can cause the conductive carbon fiber plates and frame hardware to be grounded too. In an ideal world, this is not necessarily a problem, however, in the real world, it's an accident waiting to happen.
Impulse RC ApexDC FPV Frame Vista Isolation

Alongside the required M2 mounting hardware for the Vista, we also include a die-cut mylar insulator and custom machined 'cone rivets' from non-conductive POM.

When installed the Caddx Vista and also the M2 hardware is electrically isolated from the frame. This solution adds only 0.5g of extra weight compared to other designs using bulky and heavy 3D prints.
Impulse RC ApexDC Frame
Impulse RC ApexDC Frame Isolation

Like the Caddx Vista itself, certain DJI HD cameras can also ground the frame, with similar unfortunate consequences.
Impulse RC ApexDC Camera Plates
Included with the ApexDC are newly redesigned HD camera plates and 3D printed insulation inserts. This keeps the camera firmly locked in place and reduces vibrations, whilst ensuring it is electrically isolated from the frame.
Impulse RC ApexDC Frame Camera

Included in every kit is a 3D printed antenna mount for the Caddx Vista or other similar antennas.
Impulse RC ApexDC Antenna Mount
Impulse RC ApexDC Antenna
In addition, the Mr. Steele version of the kit also includes a standoff mount for the Tracer Immortal-T antenna.
Impulse RC ApexDC Mr Steele Edition Immortal-T Mount
Impulse RC ApexDC Mr Steele Edition Vertical Antenna Mount
1x Impulse RC ApexDC FPV Frame
1x Hardware and standoffs
1x Mylar and POM Vista isolation parts
1x Vista antenna mount
1x Injection-molded skids and bumper
1x Injection-molded wire covers
1x Rubber and velcro battery pads
1x Diamond files
1x Battery strap

Mr. Steele Edition Extras:
1x GoPro mount and custom bolt
1x Tracer Immortal-T mount
1x 7075-T6 lightweight hardware kit
1x Coyote Brown skids and bumper
1x Rubber FC vibration mounts
1x XT-60 pigtail
1x Foam strip
1x Battery strap

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