Impulse RC Wolf Reverb PDB OSD Kit Rev 2

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We are now shipping rev2 of the Wolf PDB and there are some slight changes to the pinout to improve grounding and noise immunity. Please check your version before installing a new PDB!
No functional or feature changes in the hardware, just some tweaks to improve performance

Designed from the ground up for intuitive ease-of-use, ImpulseOSD is a new software platform made in collaboration with Alexander Wolf, creator of the highly regarded KISS OSD.

We went back to the drawing board to reimagine how an OSD should work, keeping a focus on simplicity and auto-configuration while adding new smart features you didn’t realize you were missing. ImpulseOSD running on the Wolf PDB offers a lot more than a barebones OSD added on to the side of your flight controller as an afterthought.

Get more stable loop times and consistently solid performance by letting your FC focus on what it does best: real-time flight control. Keep your UARTs for more important tasks and directly connect your peripherals to the Wolf PDB, including camera control, VTX control, GPS and LED strips.

Impulse RC Wolf PDB OSD


Full documentation will be maintained as a Wiki on Github.


Windows - Full featured, drag and drop screen designer, configuration of all settings.

Mac - Simple tool for backup/restore and firmware update.

1x Impulse RC Wolf PDB OSD
1x XT60 Connector
4x Rubber Standoff
1x Cable
1x Silicone Tape

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