Karearea RD-085 Talon PR V2 5" Racing Frame

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The KAREAREA TALON PR V2 is a 200mm class FPV racer for 5" propellers using its own uniquely designed ultra-lightweight monocoque chassis.  A truly premium frame, with CNC 7075 T6 aircraft grade Duralumin parts, beautifully cut chamfered edge full 3K Japan TORAY T700 grade matte carbon fiber plates, and well thought out design for superior handling performance and cornering.


  • The uniquely designed shape of the Talon PR V2's arms and torque bars are strictly designed to enhance aerodynamics while keeping its durability. Even with horizontally mounted arms, the Talon PR V2 keeps the flight characteristics from its vertical armed counterparts thanks to the vertically mounted torque bars. This provides superior handling performance at high speed and cornering. ​
  • Monocoque type side plates help with protecting the FPV camera. ​
  • Lightweight frame set weights 68 g (+, - 1.5g), including hardware.​​ ​
  • Front and rear interlocking Duralumin arm brackets provide excellent strength and rigidity. ​​
  • CNC 7075 T6 Aircraft Grade Duralumin parts with Hard anodizing. ​
  • FULL 3K JAPAN TORAY T700 grade Plane matte Carbon Fibre plate with beautifully cut chamfered edge Carbon plates.
  • ​ True X-frame. The distance between motor to motor is 200mm (diagonally, measured from center to center of motors). ​
  • ONLY Compatible with MICRO FPV cameras. (19 mm FPV cams) Such as RunCam micro and Foxeer Predator micro cameras.
  • ​ Center plate is designed to fit 20x20mm FC/ESC stacks. ​
  • Action Cameras can be mounted (e.g. GoPro, Run Cam) by using optional 3D printed camera mount. (Not included).


  • Weight:  68g (+/- 1.5g), including hardware
  • CNC 7075 T6 Aircraft Grade Duralumin Parts
  • Full 3K Japan Toray T700 G Carbon Fiber
  • Arms 5mm
  • 20x20mm FC/ESC Stack
  • 19mm Cam Mount ( Micro-sized )

Karearea Talon PR V2

Sample Builds (** Parts are not included in purchase **)

Karearea Talon PR V2
Karearea Talon PR V2 Frame

Karearea Talon PR V2

Karearea Talon PR V2

1x Karearea RD-085 Talon PR V2 5" Racing Frame

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