Rekon FPV Rekon3 Nano Long Range FPV Quad

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The Rekon3 is all about simplicity and convenience! This tiny quad is designed around a single, standard 18650 Lithium-Ion cell. You insert the battery just like you would in a TV remote and immediately you are ready to fly for over 15 minutes. This means you can fit enough batteries to fly for several hours in your pocket!

The Rekon3 is also extremely quiet and small.  Perfect for flying in your back yard or a public park without bothering anyone, exploring an epic mountain landscape or simply cruising along wherever you want.

Despite its small size and simplicity, do not underestimate the Rekon3.  The cruising speed is higher than you probably expect and since it is equipped with a powerful 350mW VTX, the Rekon3 has several kilometers of video signal range.

Add your own receiver to get in the air.  

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  • Runs on a standard 18650 battery (high c rated cell required, we recommend Sony VTC6 or similar)
  • Specific Rekon 1202.5 11600kV motors running 3” props
  • Small and light (62.5g without battery, 140mm motor to motor)
  • Supports WiFi tuning via Speedy Bee on your mobile phone 
  • Powerful 350mW video transmitter for several kilometers of video range
  • TPU parts available online for FREE. Click here to check.


1. Battery type and condition, as well as environmental temperature, can affect the performance of the quad, high c rated cell is required, we recommend Sony VTC6 or similar.

2. When the power of the battery cannot fulfill the working requirements of the ESC or VTX, it may stop working. Long periods of full-throttle flight should be avoided. Try to lower your throttle if your VTX blacks out. We recommend stopping flying at 2.8-3.2V.

3. Please try not to drain the battery out to avoid accidents when flying. Any crashes caused by the low voltage of the batteries are not related to the quality of the product.


  • Weight: 62.5g (without receiver)
  • Wheelbase: 140mm
  • Max prop size: 3 Inch

Zeus5 AIO 1-2S flight controller

  • Input voltage: 1-2S
  • Flight control firmware: Betaflight HGLRC411 (HGLR)
  • ESC firmware: BLHeli_S
  • Size: 41.5*41.5mm

Zeus nano VTX 350mW

  • Output power: PIT/25/100/200/350mW
  • Input voltage: DC 5V

CADDX nano ANT FPV Camera

  • Image sensor: 1/3 1000TVL CMOS
  • Input voltage: DC 5V
  • Size: 14mm * 14mm

Rekon 1202.5 KV11600 brushless motor

  • Input voltage: 3.8V (1S)
  • Recommended propeller: 3 Inch

Relon FPV Rekon3

1x Rekon3 Long Range Frame
1x Zeus5 AIO flight controller
1x Zeus nano VTX 350mW
1x CADDX nano ANT FPV camera
4x Rekon 1202.5 11600KV brushless motors
8x GEMFAN 3018 3-inch 2-blades propeller (1.5mm)
1x IPEX copper tube antenna

Add your own receiver to get in the air

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Download Manual

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