T-Motor F60 Pro V 2207.5 Motors

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The T-Motor F60 line is advancing to Pro V series! This racing motor is suitable for 5-inch FPV drones. Increased thrust, more linearity. More powerful and more durable than ever before. Choose your favorite KV variant!


  • Dimensions:  26.8*31.7mm
  • Peak Current (10s):  1750KV 40.5A, 1950KV 49.3A, 2020KV 52.7A
  • Weight (Include Cable):  1750KV 34.3g, 1950KV 33.9g, 2020KV 33.8g
  • Prop Mounting:  5mm
  • Max Power (10s):  1750KV 1003W, 1950KV 1216W, 2020KV 1297W
  • Rated Voltage (LiPo):  1750KV 6S, 1950KV 6S, 2020KV 5-6S
  • Wire Lead:  20AWG 150mm
  • Configuration:  12N14P
  • Shaft Diameter:  4mm
  • Idle Current:  1750KV 1A, 1950KV 1.1A, 2020KV 1.25A
  • Voltage:  25.2V
  • KV:  1750, 1950, 2020

T-Motor F60 Pro V Motors

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