Ummagawd Botgrinder Demibot Freestyle Frame Kit

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"When Botgrinder and the Ummagawd Company get together, magic happens."

We've made a frame that can not only survive the most brutal bando gauntlet imaginable but can also rip the smoothest freestyle flow you can ever experience.

The same details that make this frame nearly indestructible, also make it one of the smoothest flying frames available. With 6mm thick arms, held together by 3mm thick plates, and 6mm OD standoffs, this frame bolts solidly together into one sturdy mass, which makes gyros very happy.

The great durability, flight performance, and sick looks of the DemiBot can be attributed to a few things working very well together. The beefy 6mm arms, mated together with a 6mm thick central block, all held together with 3mm thick plates, make the core of this frame a significantly dense mass. The Demibot is definitely no ultralight, but that's also why it takes a beating and flies just so damn smooth.

We chose the center block style of retention to support a few key features.

  • The block facilitates an interface in which all 4 arms meet in the middle. This makes the entire assembly act like one solid piece but with just the right amount of energy loss (aka resonance damping).
  • If you can manage to break an arm, it can be replaced by removing just ONE bolt. This is achieved by having each arm wedged between the adjacent arm and the center block. Therefore it only needs one bolt to keep it there.
  • With some clever design tricks, this true-X frame maintains hardware independence between the flight stack and the arms while keeping the electronics in the center. We’ve included press nuts for the flight stack, as well as an installation tool (M3 screw and washer) so that you easily seat it yourself. You just choose which mounting configuration fits your electronics and press in the nuts.

And about those electronics, did we mention you can fit a 30x30 VTX in the rear? This means you can basically fit any size or type of VTX you want. Your choice. We won’t judge.


  • Arms: 6mm
  • Top Plate: 3mm
  • Bottom Plate: 3mm
  • Mid Plate: 3mm
  • Standoffs: 6mm OD 7075 Aluminum
  • FC Mounting: 20x20 and 30.5x30.5
  • VTX Mounting: 20x20 and 30.5x30.5
  • Frame Weight: 165g

1x Top Plate
4x Arms
1x Bottom Plate
1x Mid Plate (with bag of press nuts)
1x Hardware Kit
1x Ummagrip Battery Pad
2x Kevlar Battery Straps
1x TPU FPV Camera Mounts

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