XT60 to Alligator Clip Power Supply Cable

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XT60 to Alligator Clip DC Input cable.  For use in the field to power a charger from a power source, such as the battery in your car or power supply.  Works fantastic, the clips are robust and clamp down hard.  


  • Alligator Clip Material: Iron nickel alloy
  • Color: Red and Black
  • Clip Length: 3 Inches
  • Surface Treatment: Polishing electroplating copper
  • Maximum Power: 250V/50A
  • Cable Length:  12 or 24 Inches
  • Cable AWG:  14 AWG
  • Xt60: Female ( Male upon request )

1x XT60 to Alligator Clip Power Supply Cable

Goes great with the ToolkitRC M6 Pocket Charger

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