Zeez RC F7 2020 Flight Controller V2

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** Discontinued - New Version Here **

The Zeez F7 V2 2020 is an 8 motor output, DJI HD system ready flight controller with an on-board 9v@3A regulator to power the DJI Air Unit, with simple plug and play configuration and 5V@3A regulator to power all the peripherals.  It has all the specs and features of its big brother, the 3030 version, but in a more compact format.

It uses a powerful F7 processor along with top-of-the-line hardware:  MPU6000 Gyro, BMP280 Barometer.  The Zeez F7 V2 2020 comes in a standard 20x20 form factor.  It comes with space and solder pads for both the TBS Crossfire Nano Rx and TBS Unify Nano32 for a very clean and low-profile assembly.  It has 4 onboard RGB LED's and easy to solder LED pads on each corner.  There are 5 UARTS available as well as I2C port, 16MB flash memory for blackbox data recording, an OSD chip for analog video, and LC filter for both analog camera and vtx power.

Zeez has taken all the feedback from the V1 board and have improved the overall stability as well as cleaning up the power supply.  They were able to reduce the size of the FC, thanks to its 6 layer design.  Along with easier to solder pads, Zeez was able to improve their strength by adding additional copper around them.


  • Mounting holes: 20x20mm
  • LiPo Power input: 3S-6S
  • 8 Motor output
  • BEC 5V-3A / 9V-3A
  • STM32F722 MCU (216MHz max frequency)
  • MPU6000 Gyro/ACC for smooth performance
  • BMP280 Barometer
  • OSD chip Onboard
  • 5 available UARTs
  • 1x I2C bus 
  • 16MB Onboard flash
  • LC Filter for 5V VTX and CAM
  • HD Plug for DJI Air Unit or Caddx Vista
  • USB Type C connector
  • Onboard RGB LED distribution
  • Onboard 4 WS2812B RBG LED
  • Direct solder connection and board space for TBS Nano RX and TBS Unify Pro32 Nano providing the ultimate in clean stack installation
  • Logic Side and USB current protection

Zeez F7 2020 FC

    1x Zeez F7 V2 2020 Flight Controller
    4x Aluminum Standoff 
    4x Aluminum Nut 
    1x ESC to Flight Controller 8 Pin JST SH 1.00mm connector
    1x ESC to Flight Controller 8 Pin (with JST SH crimp)
    1x JST SH 1.00mm connector 
    1x JST SH 8 Pin Plastic Housing 
    1x JST SH 10 Pin Plastic Housing
    2x 2.00mm Header Pin for VTX connection 
    2x 2.54mm Header Pin for Receiver connection 
    1x JST 6 pin to AirUnit Connector 

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