Impulse RC Micro Reverb Frame 3" and 4"

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For those that like their micro quads to truly be micro sized, the new 3” and 4” prop Micro Reverb FPV Frame brings huge fun in a small package. Impulse RC scaled down the full-sized Reverb to fit modern 20x20 electronics, taking great care to preserve the proportions so that the iconic design is instantly recognizable.

Fans of the original will love the scale features and attention to detail, from the gunmetal M2.5 high tensile hardware down to the custom M2.5 replica cone washers and tiny lipo pad. Of course, no Reverb would ever be complete without the classic and perfectly scaled down micro diamond files.

Not only does it look amazing, the performance is just as good. At a compact 140mm motor-to-motor and weighing only 33g dry, the Micro Reverb handles how a micro frame really should. The only thing out of proportion here is the amount of fun you can have in something so portable. It really can be taken and flown anywhere. This all makes for a tight build but the rewards for keeping small and light are definitely worth it.

Paired with the Runcam Split Mini 2 and using the correct electronics (see below!) the Micro Reverb can pump out flawless HD video without any visible jello. You can build it under 100g without battery on 11xx sized motors, or you can opt for all out power and speed, using the new ImpulseRC 1408 3200kV motors designed and matched specifically for this size of frame, and come in healthily under 250g AUW (including battery).

Reverbs are well known for their durability and the new Micro variety is no different. Incorporating removable arms that can be replaced with just a single bolt makes maintenance quick and simple, meaning you are always prepared for the worst.


  • Weight: 33g dry weight
  • Motor to motor: 140mm diagonal
  • Motor geometry: Identical to original Reverb
  • Motor bolt pattern: M2 in 12x12mm and 9x9mm
  • Motor center hole: 4.5mm
  • Camera Compatibility: Micro cameras and Runcam Split Mini 2
  • Center to top plate: 20mm
  • Electronics mounting: M2 20x20mm
  • Props: HQ 3x4x3V1S or HQ 4x3x3
  • Arms: 2.5mm CF - removable and correctly oriented fibers
  • Top, Lower Main and Upper Main: 1.5mm CF
  • Camera Sides: 1mm CF
  • Standoffs: M2.5 x 24mm & 20mm Aluminium
  • Bolts: M2.5 gunmetal high tensile steel
  • Lipo pad: Self-adhesive Velcro

Recommended Components:

  • Camera: Compatible with all micro sized FPV cameras, fits Runcam Split Mini 2 or Foxeer Mix for HD recording.
  • VTX: TBS Unify Pro32 Nano or TBS unify Pro 5V
  • Receiver: TBS Crossfire Nano, FrSky XM/XM+, FrSky R-XSR
  • FC: For jello free HD video you MUST use an FC with an MPU6000 gyro or use an FC with integrated soft mounts if any other gyro is used.
  • ESC/FC Stack: Maximum of three layers can fit - usually 4in1 ESC, FC, Runcam Split Mini 2. Includes a selection of 32 different sized M2 spacers so you should be able to mount most M2 20x20 stacks, however this is a small quad and the build is tight!
  • Motors: ImpulseRC 1408 3200kV
  • Props: 3" 3 blade props or 4" 3 blade props

1x Micro Reverb Body Kit
1x Micro Reverb Arm kit
1x Micro Reverb Screw Pack

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