Bandit ExpressLRS 915MHz Long-Range RF Module is

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After extensive research and collaboration with the ExpressLRS team, we are thrilled to unveil the all-new Bandit ExpressLRS RF Module. This cutting-edge module represents the culmination of our efforts to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability for your long-range drone and UAV applications.

Radiomaster Bandit 915MHz Module


  • Up to 1-watt power output
  • Packet rates up to 200Hz
  • Optimized circuitry for ultra-low power consumption
  • Built-in TCXO oscillator
  • Low noise, high comfort
  • High contrast OLED display
  • Rugged gunmetal CNC housing
  • Awesome RGB light effects
  • High-efficiency cooling system
  • Wifi and Bluetooth support
  • Built-in ExpressLRS backpack
  • Built-in accelerometer
  • Directional nav key and customizable shortcut buttons
  • Micro and Nano adapters included
  • 915/868MHz Moxon Antenna and T Antenna included
  • Futaba CRSF Cable included
  • UART Cable included


  • Item: Bandit ExpressLRS RF Module
  • Regulatory Domain: FCC915
  • MCU: ESP32(main), ESP8285(aux, as ESP backpack)
  • RF Chip: SEMTECH SX1276
  • Refresh Rate Min/Max: 25Hz/200Hz
  • RF Output Power: 1000mW/30dBm
  • Module Bay Adapters: Micro standard 5pin socket & Nano standard 8pin socket
  • Built-in RGB lights
  • Built-in OLED screen
  • G-sensor Support: Yes
  • XT30 Power Supply Voltage: DC 6V ~ 16.8V
  • Weight: 155 grams (with antenna)
  • Dimension: 90*51*24mm

Rugged Construction for Enduring Excellence

The Bandit ExpressLRS is not just about performance; it's also built to endure. Its rugged CNC machined aluminum case not only exudes a sleek and modern aesthetic but also serves as a heat sink, efficiently dissipating heat and maintaining optimal operating temperatures under even the most strenuous conditions.

Radiomaster Bandit 915MHz RF Module

Radiomaster Bandit 915MHz RF Module

Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips

The Bandit ExpressLRS features an OLED display, a five-directional navigation key, and customizable shortcut buttons, providing you with immediate access to all the essential controls. Easily adjust settings and tailor the module's behavior to your specific needs, ensuring an unparalleled flying experience.

Radiomaster Bandit 915MHz RF Module

Versatile Antenna Options for Diverse Applications

The Bandit ExpressLRS comes equipped with a RadioMaster T Antenna for general-purpose flying and a RadioMaster Moxon antenna for long-range directional applications. This versatility empowers you to adapt your setup to suit any flying scenario, from everyday recreational flights to professional drone and UAV operations.

Radiomaster Bandit 915MHz RF Module

The Ideal Solution for Demanding Applications

Whether you're an experienced drone enthusiast or a professional UAV operator, the Bandit ExpressLRS RF Module is the perfect choice for your demanding applications. Its unmatched performance, rugged construction, intuitive controls, and versatile antenna options make it an indispensable tool for those seeking the very best in long-range drone and UAV technology.

Radiomaster Bandit 915MHz RF Module

How to use Futaba CRSF Cable

1. Please make sure your Futaba radio firmware can support CRSF function. Click here to learn more.
2. Follow Futaba manual to select servo test port to CRSF.
3. Connect Bandit via CRSF Cable.
4. Connect a XT30 2s-4s lipo battery to Bandit.


Radiomaster Bandit 915MHz RF Module

Bandit Series

Radiomaster Bandit ExpressLRS 915MHz Module

1x Bandit ExpressLRS 915MHz Long-Range RF Module
1x T-Antenna
1x Moxon Antenna
1x Micro Adapter
1x Nano Adapter
1x Transparent Protective Cover
1x UART Cable
1x Futaba CRSF Cable
1x 1.55mm Allen Key
6x M2*6 Screws
1x Manual

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